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R&D Design Concept
Capitalize on Scientific Mechanism by Imagining

CATL adheres to independent innovation. Our understanding of the laws of science gives us the inquisitive spirit in grasping the essence of problem. We focus on basic research and development while capitalizing on mechanisms. We constantly aim to improve core performance and achieve profitable production with the cutting-edge technology.

Raw Material Design

- Exploring the characteristics of materials at nanolevel; 

- Analyzing the crystal structure and microstructure; 

- Conducting powder-level physical and chemical properties analysis, thermodynamic analysis and electrolyte analysis, etc. 

CATL analyzes and improves the original performance. This enables a higher energy density and faster charge-discharge rate.

Is it impossible to make fast-charging batteries with LiFePO?


Surface modification of
active materials

Electrolyte with high
conductivity / low viscosity

Pole piece and insulating
film with high porosity

Good compatibility between
binder and electrolyte

Process Testing Methods

CATL’s product design and testing capabilities are focused on consumer and market demands. Some of the comprehensive and multi-dimensional areas are performance, reliability, electronics, software and mechanical environmental safety. We continue to optimize existing testing methods, as well as develop new testing methods. 

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