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Market Position

In 2018, the sales volume of CATL maintained a leading position.









Company Honors

  • In October 2019, honored by Fortune as "Top 50 Global Enterprises in the Future".

    In September 2019, selected as "Intelligent Manufacturing Benchmarking Enterprises" by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT).

    In July 2019, after-sales service system was certificated with China’s national 7-star standard.

    In January 2019, issued the ECE R100 E1 certificate by KBA.

    In November 2018, obtained CNAS certification issued by Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China.
    In November 2018, accredited as the "Single Champion Demonstration Enterprise" by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and China Federation of Industrial Economics.
  • In September 2018, approved of establishment of National Engineering Research Center for electrochemical energy storage technology.

    In July 2018, awarded the "2018 National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise" by China National Intellectual Property Administration.

    In June 2018, selected in "China’s Most Innovative Companies in 2018" by Forbes China.

    In May 2018, honored the unique "New Energy Bus Best Reputation Battery Award" by Ministry of Transport.

    In May 2018, approved as the National High-tech Industry Standardization Pilot Project by Standardization Administration.
    In 2018 March, honored by Financial Times with "Boldness in Business Awards-Developing Markets Leadership Award".
  • In 2018 February, selected by CCTV as Chinese Lithium battery representative to be broad casted on "The Power of Chinese Giants".

    In November 2017, listed as the "National Technological Innovation Demonstration Enterprise" by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Ministry of Finance.

    In December 2016, listed as "2016 National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise" by China National Intellectual Property Administration.

    In March 2016, awarded "Annual IP Excellent Enterprise" by Electronic Intellectual Property Center of MIIT and China Electronics Standardization Association.

    In December 2015, awarded the National Torch Plan Industrialization Demonstration Project Certificate by Torch?High Technology Industry Development Center, Ministry of Science and Technology.

Our Partners

CATL has successfully formed partnership with several mainstream auto manufacturers in China. And it is accredited by global automakers and ESS clients.

  • In 2014, launched Brilliance BMW Zinoro 1E - the first model cooperated with BMW.
    In 2016, BMW X1 delivered from the assembly line under the witness of Premier Merkel .
    In 2017, launched the new generation Brilliance BMW Zinoro 60H.

  • In June 2016, NEV model EU260 containing CATL’s Li-ion battery and manufactured by BAIC Group won “Best Performance in Power Endurance” in the Tour of Qinghai Lake Race.

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